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2015 WINTER UPDATE: Scifi Economic Modeling

For the past few years I have hosted a blog interview series for independent science fiction & fantasy artists. This experience has been highly rewarding and I look forward to featuring more artists in the future, but from now until next October I will be away most of the time, except for the occasional holiday in order to focus on a 12-month accelerated degree program. For those of you who follow the One-Planet-at-a-Time Project, I'm planning to make a similar announcement in that group closer to Thanksgiving. There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not thinking about Kanangar Prime and the OPaaT Universe, and below is a (non-canonical) economic model based on ideas that I have been wrestling with for the past few years:



1 coke/soda
5 fast food meal
10 sit down meal
50 Luxury meal
100 used computer, groceries for a week
500 cheap rent
1k expensive rent, new computer
5k luxury rent, used truck
10k new droid, used hoverer
25k poverty line(Lab Assistant), New Truck, Swarm Drone, mobile home
50k lower middle class(Research Scientist), new hovercar, bioenhancement chip, armored battle droid, used Matrix-style hovercraft
75k used autogyro, used helicopter
100k upper middle class(Prime Investigator), Used Millennium Falcon, Power Armor, House, human replica droid
150k new autogyro, new helicopter
200k lower upper class(Department Head), New Matrix-style hovercraft, Hunger Games style hovercraft, Mech Warrior, AT-ST, Ghost in the Shell style prosthetic body, Two-story house
250k TIE fighter, short range straighter
400k upper upper class(Director), New Millennium Falcon, Hovertank, Long Range Shuttle, Runabout(Star Trek)
600k Long Range Starfighter, X-Wing, Mansion
1mil Longevity Treatment, Hexapod Walker
5mil Light Corvette, AT-AT
15mil Corvette, Tantive VI
50mil Small Space Station, Vanilla Frigate, UFP Space Lab Regulus, UFP Defiant Class
100mil Sky Scraper, Colony Hub, Destroyer (hunter-seeker, not mini-corvette or battle carrier), Klingon Bird of Prey, Covert Ops Frigate, the Original Enterprise
200mil Battle Cruiser, the Normandy, Starship Troopers Ares Class, Nebulon-B Frigate, Earth Alliance Hyperion Class
400mil medium space station, Deep Space 9, the 2001 Space Odyssey station, Industrial Command Ship, Galaxy Class Enterprise
500mil Sovereign Class Enterprise
600mil Battleship, Romulan Warbird
1bil Arcology, Battle Carrier, Imperial Star Destroyer, EVE 1.5km freighter, Battlestar Galactica
2bil Cylon Base Star
3bil Minbari Sharlin Class
5bil Trade Federation Battleship, Home One (Star Wars)
10bil large space station, UFP Starbase 375
20bil Babylon 5, Word Devastator
25bil UFP Earth Spacedock
50bil Voth City Ship
100bil Super Star Destroyer, EVE Titan (transit size limit)
200bil super space station, Cloud City
1tril space station the size of the first Death Star
100tril space station the size of the second Death Star


(Level > GDP per capita > GDP per bil > total revenue > pacifist,assertive,aggressive,expansionistic)
Affluent: 100,000/capita = $100tril/bil pop = 20tril tax = 1tril, 2tril, 5tril, 10tril
First World: 60,000/capita = $60tril/bil pop = 12tril tax = 600bil, 1200bil, 3tril, 6tril
Second World: 6,000/capita = $6tril/bil pop = 1200bil tax = 60bil, 120bil, 300bil, 600bil
Third World: 600/capita = $600bil/bil pop = 120bil tax = 6bil, 12bil, 30bil, 60bil


Corellia: 3 bil x 60,000 = 180tril = 36 tril = 3.6tril assertive
> 10 super star destroyers, 1,000 star destroyers, 100 large space stations

Alderaan: 2 bil x 100,000 = 200tril = 40 tril = 2tril pacifist
>1,000 star destroyers, 100 large space stations

Nar Shadda: 85 bil x 6,000 = 500tril = 100tril = 25tril aggressive
>5 death stars, 10,000 star destroyers, 1,000 large space stations

Ilium: 85 bil x 60,000 = 5quad = 1quad = 100tril assertive
>10,000 star destroyers, 5,000 large space stations, 400 super star destroyers

Earth (Star Trek): 10 bil x 60,000 = 600tril = 120tril = 6tril pacifist
>10,000 original Enterprises, 20,000 small space stations, 2,500 medium space stations, 40 UFP Earth Spacedocks, 100 UFP Starbase 375s, 2,000 Sovereign Class Enterprises

Tattoine 200,000 x 10,000 = 2bil = 400mil = 40mil assertive
>3 TIE Fighter squadrons, 50 AT-STs, 1 corvette, 10 Long Range Shuttles

Kuat 4bil x 100,000 = 400tril = 80tril = 40tril expansionistic
>10 death stars, 20,000 star destroyers, 100 super star destroyers



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm in my late twenties and like many aspiring writers, I have opted for anonymity. When I was younger I was a huge fan of the Sim and Sid Meir games, but as I got older I gradually grew tired of them and started looking for a more creative outlet. One day I noticed dA-Muro, started doodling, and the rest is history.

My main activity on dA revolves around a massive group world building project called One-Planet-at-a-Time one-planet-at-a-time.deviantar…. It's basically a science fiction universe that is designed to remain as open-ended as possible instead of collapsing in on itself like a lot of the mainstream universes seem to be doing. Submissions to this group are officially accepted on Sundays. I do not thank people for faves but I do reply to most comments and notes within a reasonable amount of time.

If anyone would like a critique for a short story (preferably sci-fi) just send me a note and I'll put it on my to-do list. My policy is one critique per writer unless the writing is for the OPaaT Project in which case I am willing to write multiple critiques. Even if you are not a Premium member I am still happy to provide detailed feedback.


178 deviations
Division 3 Director by space-commander
Division 3 Director
"No, that's Director Abram. Some people refer to her as 'Director Ahem' because she keeps clearing her throat all the time."

Name: Amanda Montgomery Abram
Personality: ENFJ
Director of Division 3: Vivarium Core, Office of Accounting, Helminthology, Terrestrial Echinodermology, Terrestrial Cnidariology, Arthropodology, High Gravity Zoology, Terrestrial Molluscology, Terrestrial Ecology, Transdimensional Zoology   
Division 2 Director by space-commander
Division 2 Director
Division 2: Optics Core, Mechanical Engineering Core, Electrical Engineering Core, Gravitonics Core, Informatics Core (IT Support), Office of Waste Management, Office of Compliance, Office of Safety, Animal Resource Office, Office of Technology Transfer (Lawyers) 
Division 1 Director by space-commander
Division 1 Director
Division 1: Astronomy, Astrophysics, Geology, Meteorology, Archeology, Anthropology, Vulcanology, Seismology, Statistics Core, Computation Core
RC Director by space-commander
RC Director
"Never call him Bill. He hates that name."

William F Centauro is the leader of the 4,000 scientists at RC-35. The colony's research organization is divided into 8 divisions.

Background: Industrial Engineer

Personality: ENTJT


Old plan: stumble around and see what happens

New plan: Start with the top power structure and then work my way down to the average Joe's that the story will actually be about. Setting > Characters > Plot.

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Lilith-the-5th Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you kindly for watching me!:hug:
Chikara-Redwing Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Hey, thanks for the watch and favorites.  It's not often that people take interest in my world building stuff for Arecace.  Though considering your group, it's not all that surprising you liked it.  I've found that it's pretty hard to find the serious world-builders on DA (though, granted, I haven't joined any of the handful of groups devoted to it).  Lots of people have OCs, a small subset of them have a real story going and even fewer ever develop the world for the story.  Idk, I think that's one of the best parts of a story besides the plotline itself.  And since the plotline often hinges on the world, it's pretty much the same thing, really.


Otherwise, I skimmed a few of your critiques; you write them well.  Insightful, fair, eloquent.  Mine never sound that good.   Anyway, you sound like a pretty smart guy, so Imma creep through your stuff once I catch up on the other stuff I want to read.  (there's always so many things to read!!!)

space-commander Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi Kara, you are very welcome and it is a pleasure meet another serious world-builder (yes, unfortunately we are a rare breed). If you're interested, my journal section has a number of targeted features, mostly for original universes, although only one of them is a non-scifi world It's refreshing to meet someone who cares about the world-building as a central focus. The character-based fiction movement was a step in the right direction, most people I talk to seem to go with the plot>characters>setting sequence instead of allowing the story to form organically. Just taking an established story and tweaking it ever so slightly is a form of parasitism in my book.  

When I saw your Beta Reader profile I was rather impressed. In addition to your emphasis on originality and attitude regarding critiques I found your neuro background to be particularly attractive. I've been struggling for years to connect the dots for telepathy, special abilities, the nature of consciousness, and implications for AI limitations and one thing that has really held me back is navigating the neuro literature for big picture information. Stumbled on some interesting microtubule ideas from Hameroff & Penrose just from Googling the heck out of telepathy, but it's hard to find reviews that tie topics I am interested in with legitimate primary articles. I was hoping to study up some on your world and then offer my critiquing services (couldn't find your writings...I assume you keep them offline?). 50% of my gallery is obsolete and will probably be removed within the next 12 months due to changes in the setting and plot (overhauled the research colony for the third time). But sometime when you're ready I'd love to pick your brain with questions about world-building relating to consciousness. Naturally, I'd be happy to give as much (or as little, haha) credit to you that you would like for input relating to AI and special abilities paradigms. Also, wanted to mention that my hands will be tied until early January, but if you direct me to stuff that you're interested in getting feedback for, I'd be happy to get a head start with looking it over :)
Chikara-Redwing Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'll definitely be checking out the journals.  I mean, yeah, space travel related stuff has never been my favorite, but that's mostly because I'd rather focus in on just a couple of planets/cultures and their interactions rather than do the old Star Trek thing where's is a new planet every episode.  Even if the society is on a space ship, if I get a chance to really see how that ship works as a society, that's the part I'm interested in.  Quality and depth over quantity best sums it up. ;p  But I agree, you get the tightest and most interesting stories when you work on everything more or less at the same time.  If you save the setting for last, it just won't meld in the right way and you're going to lose all of it's unique contribution to making the story feel real.  I mean, we've only got about 7 plotlines (depending on who you ask) to work with.  It's all the little details that make hearing them again and again worth while.

Well, let me clarify on my neuro some more then:  I'm on the cell/molecular side with my current research and my undergrad was behavioral, so I'm well versed in psychology as well.  While I've never done the computational research, I worked in IT when I was younger, I program decently well and I love reading the computational stuff now and then just because it's crazy and I'm crazy (network theory and artificial neurons are cool).  If you know the right keywords, you might find some really scary cutting edge research rewritten in jargon-ese on AI and teleportation (probably not on ESP-like abilities), but I can probably help you put together something pretty believable just off of the basics (or maybe not so basic tenants) of how neurons, computers and the human mind works.  I've got telepathy and teleportation going in my world, but it's using my invented energy construct, Source, so I'm cheating to make it happen. :D  Working it out using more real world tenants would be a fun exercise.  Telepathy and microtubules?  Hm... I would have to get my hands on the original papers to see what they're getting at with quantum vibrations creating consciousness.  But yeah, the reviews and primary articles are often not public access.  The journals have to make money somehow, what can you do?  But I can talk about that stuff whenever.  I've only got another week and a half of work before I'm more or less shut down for the holidays until January 13th (the joys of working with neurons).  Even if you're busy until then, I tend to have lots of free time, 'cause I live a pretty dull life.  Gives me more time to draw and check out other people's stories.

I have all of my story on DA, but only the first half (0-16) is posted only in the group (hiding in the WIPs folder).  The rest I have hiding in, because it gets ahead of the original comic draft (ever so slowly working on drawing chapter 17).  I'll note you more on that, because this is already a lengthy comment.

Still gonna creep through your stuff even if it's soon to be obsolete.  Wouldn't be the first time I've read drafts that are no longer accurate.  I still enjoy it.  It's also fun to see how things change from draft to draft.
space-commander Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the links. That was very helpful. I've made it to Ch13 so far and I think you do a good job of balancing action and complex plot development. Dragons and computer hacking seems like an odd combination, but I think you chose the right medium for it and I have noticed stranger things thrive on Adult Swim. The key will be to exploit the visual presentation as much as possible: breathtaking landscapes and architecture, epic fight scenes, and lots of pretty colors for the creatures and crystals. I'll give a more thorough analysis once I've gotten through it and feel that I have a firm enough grasp on the accompanying world-building documents.

 Your neuro & IT backgrounds are perfect for the world-building dilemmas that I am facing now. Two years ago I established a space travel paradigm after much discussion and in January I settled on a telepathy paradigm The next step is to establish an Intelligence paradigm (first comment), and that's were I need someone with the kind of input that you would be able to provide. I have full access to most reputable journals and I've spent quite a bit of time on io9, but it's tough for someone without a solid background in it to sift through the literature when there's so much overspecialized stuff clogging up the searches. But in a nutshell, I think it comes down to figuring out what makes organic consciousness so special compared to what a machine would be capable of. The mainstream idea is that thoughts and memories are stored at synapses, and if an individual's connectome could be mapped out, the personality could be copied onto a machine with sufficient technology. The other, more controversial idea, is that consciousness involves a Star Wars-like soul (integrated transdimensional network of quantum-entangled energy interfacing with organic molecules) as opposed to a hot mess of information that could be reduced to a series of 1s and 0s without loosing its essence.  
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