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2015 WINTER UPDATE: Scifi Economic Modeling

For the past few years I have hosted a blog interview series for independent science fiction & fantasy artists. This experience has been highly rewarding and I look forward to featuring more artists in the future, but from now until next October I will be away most of the time, except for the occasional holiday in order to focus on a 12-month accelerated degree program. For those of you who follow the One-Planet-at-a-Time Project, I'm planning to make a similar announcement in that group closer to Thanksgiving. There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not thinking about Kanangar Prime and the OPaaT Universe, and below is a (non-canonical) economic model based on ideas that I have been wrestling with for the past few years:



1 coke/soda
5 fast food meal
10 sit down meal
50 Luxury meal
100 used computer, groceries for a week
500 cheap rent
1k expensive rent, new computer
5k luxury rent, used truck
10k new droid, used hoverer
25k poverty line(Lab Assistant), New Truck, Swarm Drone, mobile home
50k lower middle class(Research Scientist), new hovercar, bioenhancement chip, armored battle droid, used Matrix-style hovercraft
75k used autogyro, used helicopter
100k upper middle class(Prime Investigator), Used Millennium Falcon, Power Armor, House, human replica droid
150k new autogyro, new helicopter
200k lower upper class(Department Head), New Matrix-style hovercraft, Hunger Games style hovercraft, Mech Warrior, AT-ST, Ghost in the Shell style prosthetic body, Two-story house
250k TIE fighter, short range straighter
400k upper upper class(Director), New Millennium Falcon, Hovertank, Long Range Shuttle, Runabout(Star Trek)
600k Long Range Starfighter, X-Wing, Mansion
1mil Longevity Treatment, Hexapod Walker
5mil Light Corvette, AT-AT
15mil Corvette, Tantive VI
50mil Small Space Station, Vanilla Frigate, UFP Space Lab Regulus, UFP Defiant Class
100mil Sky Scraper, Colony Hub, Destroyer (hunter-seeker, not mini-corvette or battle carrier), Klingon Bird of Prey, Covert Ops Frigate, the Original Enterprise
200mil Battle Cruiser, the Normandy, Starship Troopers Ares Class, Nebulon-B Frigate, Earth Alliance Hyperion Class
400mil medium space station, Deep Space 9, the 2001 Space Odyssey station, Industrial Command Ship, Galaxy Class Enterprise
500mil Sovereign Class Enterprise
600mil Battleship, Romulan Warbird
1bil Arcology, Battle Carrier, Imperial Star Destroyer, EVE 1.5km freighter, Battlestar Galactica
2bil Cylon Base Star
3bil Minbari Sharlin Class
5bil Trade Federation Battleship, Home One (Star Wars)
10bil large space station, UFP Starbase 375
20bil Babylon 5, Word Devastator
25bil UFP Earth Spacedock
50bil Voth City Ship
100bil Super Star Destroyer, EVE Titan (transit size limit)
200bil super space station, Cloud City
1tril space station the size of the first Death Star
100tril space station the size of the second Death Star


(Level > GDP per capita > GDP per bil > total revenue > pacifist,assertive,aggressive,expansionistic)
Affluent: 100,000/capita = $100tril/bil pop = 20tril tax = 1tril, 2tril, 5tril, 10tril
First World: 60,000/capita = $60tril/bil pop = 12tril tax = 600bil, 1200bil, 3tril, 6tril
Second World: 6,000/capita = $6tril/bil pop = 1200bil tax = 60bil, 120bil, 300bil, 600bil
Third World: 600/capita = $600bil/bil pop = 120bil tax = 6bil, 12bil, 30bil, 60bil


Corellia: 3 bil x 60,000 = 180tril = 36 tril = 3.6tril assertive
> 10 super star destroyers, 1,000 star destroyers, 100 large space stations

Alderaan: 2 bil x 100,000 = 200tril = 40 tril = 2tril pacifist
>1,000 star destroyers, 100 large space stations

Nar Shadda: 85 bil x 6,000 = 500tril = 100tril = 25tril aggressive
>5 death stars, 10,000 star destroyers, 1,000 large space stations

Ilium: 85 bil x 60,000 = 5quad = 1quad = 100tril assertive
>10,000 star destroyers, 5,000 large space stations, 400 super star destroyers

Earth (Star Trek): 10 bil x 60,000 = 600tril = 120tril = 6tril pacifist
>10,000 original Enterprises, 20,000 small space stations, 2,500 medium space stations, 40 UFP Earth Spacedocks, 100 UFP Starbase 375s, 2,000 Sovereign Class Enterprises

Tattoine 200,000 x 10,000 = 2bil = 400mil = 40mil assertive
>3 TIE Fighter squadrons, 50 AT-STs, 1 corvette, 10 Long Range Shuttles

Kuat 4bil x 100,000 = 400tril = 80tril = 40tril expansionistic
>10 death stars, 20,000 star destroyers, 100 super star destroyers



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm in my late twenties and like many aspiring writers, I have opted for anonymity. When I was younger I was a huge fan of the Sim and Sid Meir games, but as I got older I gradually grew tired of them and started looking for a more creative outlet. One day I noticed dA-Muro, started doodling, and the rest is history.

My main activity on dA revolves around a massive group world building project called One-Planet-at-a-Time one-planet-at-a-time.deviantar…. It's basically a science fiction universe that is designed to remain as open-ended as possible instead of collapsing in on itself like a lot of the mainstream universes seem to be doing. Submissions to this group are officially accepted on Sundays. I do not thank people for faves but I do reply to most comments and notes within a reasonable amount of time.

If anyone would like a critique for a short story (preferably sci-fi) just send me a note and I'll put it on my to-do list. My policy is one critique per writer unless the writing is for the OPaaT Project in which case I am willing to write multiple critiques. Even if you are not a Premium member I am still happy to provide detailed feedback.


OPaaT Social Engineering 4.0 by space-commander
OPaaT Social Engineering 4.0
This is the fourth attempt to come up with a viable social engineering paradigm for the OPaaT world-building process, and it is more or less an expansion on the social engineering of Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri… and also based to a lesser extent on the mechanics of Magic the Gathering (MTG). The black alignment of MTG would correlate with atrocities, a la planet-buster missiles, nerve stapling, nerve gas, and viral weapons. Black alignment would also correlate with blatant planetary exploitation (boreholes) and some base facilities (Punishment Sphere), but these aspects do not translate directly into Social Engineering stats. 



"Feudalistic government, whether in the form of a dark age kingdom or an industrialized corporate oligarchy, uses hereditary rule and vassalage in order to maintain stability. Because social advancement is often tied to military service, this form of government is excellent for nations that are frequently at war. However, this form of ambition frequently becomes a liability."

+2 Morale, +1 Growth, -3 Probe


"Mercantilistic economics is characterized by the establishment of government-supported monopolies that benefit from the trade barriers one would find in planned economies while also retaining more of the flexibility one would find in free markets. This fascist manifestation of crony capitalism results in a streamlined industrial infrastructure, secure funding for military expendatures, and a lack of the same kind of social instability that is common with free markets. However, this mercantilistic approach fails to bring the same level of prosperity as the free market, which, as history has shown, can ultimately lead to social instability anyway."

+2 Industry, +2 Support, -2 Economy


"Leaders seeking Welfare will allocate resources in a way that ensures that all citizens have access to a comfortable income as well as basic services, which increases social stability but also leads to bloated bureaucracies."

+2 Police, +2 Growth, -2 Efficiency 


"In this far future society, citizens coalesce into a telepathic hive-mind while retaining their unique individualities in order to live in harmony with their environment. One drawback, however, is that because there is less emphasis on the material world, economic activity is less robust."

+3 Planet, +2 Support, +2 Research, -2 Economy


"A Surveillance society is characterized by a strong military and espionage infrastructure, significant investments in propaganda and cultural expenditures, and constant monitoring of all citizens. This is expensive."

(same stats as Thought Control) 

Under the Bright Yellow Sky: Mission Year 2100 by space-commander
Under the Bright Yellow Sky: Mission Year 2100
So this is the first fan-art/fan-fiction thing I have ever made and it is based on Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, the best game that ever was or will be. I decided to write a series of journal entries from a series of Average Joe characters in order to get a more immersive experience than what I have seen with the main trilogy or the fan-fiction that is currently out there. Long story short: it's an ambitious game journal. Also, I tend to write at the PG-13 level, and do not expect that to change any time soon. Enjoy:

Mission Year 2100, Day 3


So much has happened. Not sure where to begin. Some sort of space debris hit the Unity so Captain Garland woke up along with a bunch of emergency support staff and then there was some sort of infighting that took place between them and this group called the Spartan Coalition, and then the chief of security tried to take over or something and things got chaotic and everyone split off into seven different landing craft before the Unity crashed into this planet’s atmosphere. Some people are calling this place Chiron, others are just calling it ‘Planet’ for some reason. Meh, I guess I’ll call it Chiron. Sounds less retarded anyway.


So each of the seven factions that split up has a certain vibe to it, kind of like this old movie I saw once called “Divergent.” The Spartan wackjobs are kind of like Dauntless; the folks who followed Zacharov are like Erudite; the people who followed the hydroponics lady are like…I don’t know, whatever that farm one was; I guess the people here who stuck with Lal are like Abnegation; and well, I don’t know who Candor would fit with. Nevermind, not so good of an analogy.


The point is all Hell broke loose up there and now my group, the one that actually decided to stick with the UN chain of command, is somewhere on the planet just north of the equator. Not sure where, though, from what I heard they didn’t really get a chance to map this place out or even get some satellites into orbit. Really, guys? But it’s not too bad here. The atmosphere is thicker than Earth’s and not exactly breathable, but at least this place already has an ecosystem and looks like it will support at least Terran plants. The sky here is bright yellow most of the time, but starting late afternoon/early evening and ending late morning up to about half of the sky will be blue.


After we landed they got to work setting up a hydroponics center, a power plant, a life support complex, and some sort of industrial complex where they’ll be making stuff. We’re all cramped in the main pod still until other living quarters become available. They passed out data pads today and mentioned something about getting work assignments tomorrow. I’m kind of looking forward to getting outside for a change.



Day 10


Well, so much for working in a bio lab when I got here. Guess they’re sticking all the young people on the dirty jobs. They got me digging ditches and moving rocks around because there aren’t enough construction vehicles for all the hands they have. There’s this stretch of land to the northeast of the landing site where the river bends a little surrounded by some jagged rock outcroppings or whatever. Kind of looks like this misty Scottish Highlands scene, but with a Mediterranean vibe based on the weather. It can get kind of sticky humid and gross, but for the most part this area is kind of arid.


It’s the middle of the summer right now and it gets pretty hot out there. I’m always covered in sweat when I get back from a ten hour shift and it’s pretty much eat/work/sleep for six days and then we have a day off. One of my coworkers mentioned getting some sort of fermentation thing going once things calm down there’s more space. I heard a lot of people have been hooking up already, which I guess shouldn’t be too surprising since there’s not really much to do outside of work other than watch reruns of old movies and TV shows on our data pads. Just hope all the good ones don’t get taken before I get out of this construction gig. Otherwise I guess I’ll either be waiting for leftovers or not settling down until I’m in my forties.


Anyway, from what I hear we’re digging out a series of foundation areas to the northwest of the landing site, about a kilometer in area, for the main part of our settlement. Gonna have some living areas, community blah blah blah, etc. Everything has to be sealed off though because of the atmosphere so forget houses and white picket fences, but it should be okay. From what I hear it kind of reminds me of a planned communist settlement out in the middle of one of those central Asian desert countries back during the USSR days. One of the blah-blah-stans. The 3D printers have helped a lot, though. That, and salvaging stuff from the colony pod. Got us some wheel-barrels made and some pick-axes so us extras could pull stuff up and get it over to the crane to put over the edge. It’s just really boring and it seems like the days last forever.



Day 17


This week they started pouring in the foundation and getting the main structures in place for the permanent base complex. I guess it all happened kind of fast now that I think of it. Now my work days are down to 8 hours instead of 10 (still 6 days tho) but now they’re having me put in 3-4 hours after work on my data pad doing these skills modules that’ll apparently help me get ready for new stuff once the ditch digging and superstructure assembly jobs start to dry out. I hear no that the main structures will be up soon, the new focus is going to be on fixing those buildings up with all the components needed for life support; getting those components assembled; and also finding mineral deposits in the surrounding areas in order to build the components of the components. We’ve just about torn apart everything from the landing site that could be salvaged and the 3D printing tech is only getting us so far with the basic materials before we have to find Copper and other stuff like that.


And it’s only a matter of time before our tech will start to break down and God knows it’ll be decades before we can start building anything like these data pads or heck, even the phones and viewing screens. Well, enough of that. What it all boils down to is based on how I do on these blessed learning modules I’ll either keep hauling rocks around; help with the people who will be setting up the plumbing and electrical stuff in the base; working in the industrial park; or hiking through the surrounding wilderness in search of mineral deposits. Part of me is itching to explore on account of being on a freaking alien planet and all, but I don’t want to get stuck in one of those fringe jobs once things start to settle out and this bureaucrat’s paradise of a commie town starts to show its true colors with whatever pecking order ends up taking root. Which I guess means I’d better get cracking on those electrical modules.


Oh yeah, and I almost forgot: apparently yesterday some fool tried eating one of the native plants and had a really bad reaction. They tried to get him back to base, but I heard he was a gonner before they could get him past the airlock.



Day 48


Yeah I hate electricity. And most of physics for that matter. Looks like I’m either gonna get stuck in ore processing or working in a nearby rock quarry. But at least they got finished setting up three of the buildings within the main base complex. Now I just have three roommates instead of being bunkered in with a bajillion people like during the first few weeks. So there’s the headquarters building with a bunch of offices where the bossy little do-nothings argue with each other; there’s the residential building where I am; and there’s the new hydroponics building. I hear the other ones they’re working on are four more residential complexes, a community center, a hospital, a police station, and school/nursery. They’d better get that last one finished because I hear most of the contraception has run out lately.


There was another case of plant poisoning recently but most people don’t think it was an accident. Apparently one of the high level pencil-pushers was two-timing a couple botanists and one of the women slipped a poisonous plant into the other one’s salad…or so that’s how the rumor goes. No one can prove it, so I guess the crazy lady will get away with it.


Kind of stinks to have to live in a room without a window. Feels kind of like what I imagine living in a submarine would be like. Sometimes when I get bored I walk through the main tunnel that goes under all ten of the structures of the main base. They started putting plants along the middle and along the walls. And they’re also starting to set up these benches. I guess it’s kind of like one of those concourses from a big airport back on Earth, except there aren’t any terminals or restaurants to the right or left and there are a bunch of people who go jogging through it. I like the section of it that goes right under the hydroponics building. The orchids are nice to look at. I heard at some point they’re planning to get a bunch of people with artistic skills to paint murals all up and down the tunnel.



Day 72


Today everyone got called in because of a big thunderstorm. I gotta say, it’s quite a site when it’s mid day on Chiron and the sky is a mix of dark grey clouds interspersed by bright yellow patches of rays shining through and you have all this lightening zapping around from one horizon to the other. The rain is a lot different here than what I remember from Earth: it doesn’t feel so much like it’s hitting you as hard. There’s still a lot of it, but the actual droplets themselves are a lot finer, kind of like a heavy sprinkle or something like that. I guess it’s because there isn’t any air pollution on Chiron. The storm had this majestic kind of beauty to it, I guess kind of like one of those Dutch paintings they kept shoving down our throats back in Art History class or one of those clash of the Greek gods rip-off from a Magic the Gathering card. It’s just instead of a dramatic storm scene with reds and yellows and oranges and a sun in one of the horizons, the sun—well, the three suns were directly overhead as if Mount Olympus were right above and about to explode or something. Yeah, basically imagine everything I said just as if it had been articulated in an elegant poetic verse and that’s about what it was like.


These days I’m apprenticed to one of the welders and we’re setting up a lot of the stuff along the tops of the structures in the main base. Two more residential complexes got finished and also the community center. Got a long way to go with the other ones though.



Day 94


We’re starting to build upward and more above-ground now. About five of the structures will be at least ten floors high and we’re going to have these bronze-colored dome-like things on top of them. Some kind of Taj Mahal design I guess, probably because Pravin Lal sort of lost his wife during the chaos that went on when the Unity was splitting up. I hear he still keeps her in cryostasis, but she’s braindead or something. Yeah, stinks to be him.


The main corridor underground is starting to look a lot nicer these days. About half of the walls have pretty nice paintings on them and there’s talk of expanding the corridor above ground with windows and maybe making an elevated section that links up with the original landing site. As far as I know the high rises will be a combination of government offices and residential areas. Lately they’ve also been getting the community center set up for more social functions. Bout time.



Day 180


The first phase of construction for the base is complete and Pravin Lal made a speech in the main community facility. Basically we’re the last survivors of humanity, yada yada yada, can’t make the same mistakes we made on Earth, blah blah blah, have to adapt to unique challenges of this new world, yada yada yada, need to be proactive by exploring and setting up another base in order to have more resources, new shift in priority from construction to developing industries and making babies, such and such changes to rationing and work schedules, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, and lots of hard work ahead. And something about growing more Terran plants now that we’re set up appropriately as well as getting some fish and chicken back on the menu. That sounds good.



Day 183


So half the women are paired up and pregnant, and the other half seem to be choosing a life of celibacy until either conditions improve significantly, or the men with the better positions become widowers after the first wave of mothers dies through childbirth, what with our limited supplies of pharmaceuticals. From what I remember the original plan was to hold off on procreation until the colonies had time to get more established, but that was before the Unity blew up and everything. I guess this must be what it was like to be a pilgrim back in the 1600s. All work, not much play, wait for people to get sick and die, and then move up the ladder. Yep.


Yesterday there was a guy who fell off a roof and died because of oxygen depravation when his tank leaked during the impact. I guess back on Earth he would have been paralyzed at best, but still.



Day 184


Okay, so I’m an idiot. The barrier contraceptives are gone, but there are plenty of these plastic Progesterone things they put in women’s arms. Maybe I just need to get out more. There’s a party tomorrow night that my roommate has been talking about, so I guess I’ll try going to that. Gotta do something proactive, right?


Well, right now I’m kind of bored so besides staring at all the fish tanks along one of the walls of my windowless apartment, I guess I’ll describe how the base is looking these days. Okay, so first thing’s first, let’s talk about the apartment: you enter through the door and in the middle of the first room you have a couch and some chairs (all plastic abominations, thanks to 3D printing technology and a shortage of things like wood and cotton), a rectangular stone slab sitting on about three cinder blocks (coffee table), and along the wall to the right of the door you have a wall full of aquariums for these fish we’re raising for food and a little stand for a data pad if we want to see it from a distance like when we’re watching a movie or a show. Most of the time, we just set it up on the coffee table because if you look at it where a TV should be, it just gets kind of sad. Along the wall to the left of the door there are a bunch of plants we’re growing with hydroponics the way scumbags on Earth used to grow marijuana but instead of any of that kind of stuff we’re mainly growing vegetables and some fruit as well as about ten orchids. I’d like to set up an easel over there and use traditional media to paint stuff once those kinds of materials are more readily available, but for now I’m stuck with my data pad. On the wall of the door as well as the one opposite to it we have a few printouts taped up against the walls. To the right of the middle of the room is the stuff I chose to put up, and on the left is where my roommate put stuff. Anyway, to the right of the entrance along that wall I have a printout of Frederic Edwin Church’s Jamaica (1871) and Tropical Scenery (1873). On the wall across the room I have Monet’s Le Bassin Aux Nympheas (1919). To the left of the entrance my roommate has some photographs of Yosemite and on the other side there is a map of Italy and maps of Rome, Venice, and Florence. No rugs yet, unfortunately. Gotta get to bed.



Day 185   


Well that was interesting. Last night my roommate and I went to this party in one of the warehouse areas of Arco-3 and there were about 200 people there. They also had homemade vodka b/c some people are growing potatoes in sufficient quantities, in residential areas of course. But they charged an arm and a leg for it so I only had a little and it wasn’t that good. My roommate spent about a week’s pay on the stuff and he got pretty hammered. They had some techo club music going on and some good lighting effects and heck, they even had some dry ice fog. Tried talking to some of the girls by the vodka bar, but it was just too damn loud. Few hours went by and a bunch of people started throwing up and a few fights happened. My roommate ended up going off with this woman who had a bunch of tattoos and the face of a bulldog. You, know, kind of like one of those really grumpy people from the DMV back on Earth. I ended up going back to my apartment at midnight and played Candy Crush on my data pad for about 45 minutes before calling it a night. Nothing like one of those classic games to help pass the time. But back to last night, I think community service might be a better way to meet people. 
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Division 3 Director by space-commander
Division 3 Director
"No, that's Director Abram. Some people refer to her as 'Director Ahem' because she keeps clearing her throat all the time."

Name: Amanda Montgomery Abram
Personality: ENFJ
Director of Division 3: Vivarium Core, Office of Accounting, Helminthology, Terrestrial Echinodermology, Terrestrial Cnidariology, Arthropodology, High Gravity Zoology, Terrestrial Molluscology, Terrestrial Ecology, Transdimensional Zoology   

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WorldBuildersInc Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Happy Birthday, SC! Birthday Glomp emoticon 
Lilith-the-5th Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you kindly for watching me!:hug:
Chikara-Redwing Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Hey, thanks for the watch and favorites.  It's not often that people take interest in my world building stuff for Arecace.  Though considering your group, it's not all that surprising you liked it.  I've found that it's pretty hard to find the serious world-builders on DA (though, granted, I haven't joined any of the handful of groups devoted to it).  Lots of people have OCs, a small subset of them have a real story going and even fewer ever develop the world for the story.  Idk, I think that's one of the best parts of a story besides the plotline itself.  And since the plotline often hinges on the world, it's pretty much the same thing, really.


Otherwise, I skimmed a few of your critiques; you write them well.  Insightful, fair, eloquent.  Mine never sound that good.   Anyway, you sound like a pretty smart guy, so Imma creep through your stuff once I catch up on the other stuff I want to read.  (there's always so many things to read!!!)

space-commander Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi Kara, you are very welcome and it is a pleasure meet another serious world-builder (yes, unfortunately we are a rare breed). If you're interested, my journal section has a number of targeted features, mostly for original universes, although only one of them is a non-scifi world It's refreshing to meet someone who cares about the world-building as a central focus. The character-based fiction movement was a step in the right direction, most people I talk to seem to go with the plot>characters>setting sequence instead of allowing the story to form organically. Just taking an established story and tweaking it ever so slightly is a form of parasitism in my book.  

When I saw your Beta Reader profile I was rather impressed. In addition to your emphasis on originality and attitude regarding critiques I found your neuro background to be particularly attractive. I've been struggling for years to connect the dots for telepathy, special abilities, the nature of consciousness, and implications for AI limitations and one thing that has really held me back is navigating the neuro literature for big picture information. Stumbled on some interesting microtubule ideas from Hameroff & Penrose just from Googling the heck out of telepathy, but it's hard to find reviews that tie topics I am interested in with legitimate primary articles. I was hoping to study up some on your world and then offer my critiquing services (couldn't find your writings...I assume you keep them offline?). 50% of my gallery is obsolete and will probably be removed within the next 12 months due to changes in the setting and plot (overhauled the research colony for the third time). But sometime when you're ready I'd love to pick your brain with questions about world-building relating to consciousness. Naturally, I'd be happy to give as much (or as little, haha) credit to you that you would like for input relating to AI and special abilities paradigms. Also, wanted to mention that my hands will be tied until early January, but if you direct me to stuff that you're interested in getting feedback for, I'd be happy to get a head start with looking it over :)
Chikara-Redwing Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'll definitely be checking out the journals.  I mean, yeah, space travel related stuff has never been my favorite, but that's mostly because I'd rather focus in on just a couple of planets/cultures and their interactions rather than do the old Star Trek thing where's is a new planet every episode.  Even if the society is on a space ship, if I get a chance to really see how that ship works as a society, that's the part I'm interested in.  Quality and depth over quantity best sums it up. ;p  But I agree, you get the tightest and most interesting stories when you work on everything more or less at the same time.  If you save the setting for last, it just won't meld in the right way and you're going to lose all of it's unique contribution to making the story feel real.  I mean, we've only got about 7 plotlines (depending on who you ask) to work with.  It's all the little details that make hearing them again and again worth while.

Well, let me clarify on my neuro some more then:  I'm on the cell/molecular side with my current research and my undergrad was behavioral, so I'm well versed in psychology as well.  While I've never done the computational research, I worked in IT when I was younger, I program decently well and I love reading the computational stuff now and then just because it's crazy and I'm crazy (network theory and artificial neurons are cool).  If you know the right keywords, you might find some really scary cutting edge research rewritten in jargon-ese on AI and teleportation (probably not on ESP-like abilities), but I can probably help you put together something pretty believable just off of the basics (or maybe not so basic tenants) of how neurons, computers and the human mind works.  I've got telepathy and teleportation going in my world, but it's using my invented energy construct, Source, so I'm cheating to make it happen. :D  Working it out using more real world tenants would be a fun exercise.  Telepathy and microtubules?  Hm... I would have to get my hands on the original papers to see what they're getting at with quantum vibrations creating consciousness.  But yeah, the reviews and primary articles are often not public access.  The journals have to make money somehow, what can you do?  But I can talk about that stuff whenever.  I've only got another week and a half of work before I'm more or less shut down for the holidays until January 13th (the joys of working with neurons).  Even if you're busy until then, I tend to have lots of free time, 'cause I live a pretty dull life.  Gives me more time to draw and check out other people's stories.

I have all of my story on DA, but only the first half (0-16) is posted only in the group (hiding in the WIPs folder).  The rest I have hiding in, because it gets ahead of the original comic draft (ever so slowly working on drawing chapter 17).  I'll note you more on that, because this is already a lengthy comment.

Still gonna creep through your stuff even if it's soon to be obsolete.  Wouldn't be the first time I've read drafts that are no longer accurate.  I still enjoy it.  It's also fun to see how things change from draft to draft.
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